Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will my data analysis be uploaded to my dashboard?

Weather permitting, Ag-Intel includes a minimum of one drone-based data capture per week. Your data will then be available for review on your dashboard 24 hours after data capture drone flight.

What are the payment options for Ag-Intel?

Coastal Resource Mapping accepts all major credit cards and or direct payment options.

What are the payment options for Ag-Intel?

Coastal Resource Mapping accepts all major credit cards and or direct payment options.

Can we capture the data ourselves?

Yes, for clients that have the required equipment (drone/UAV, multispectral, IR & RGB sensors) and the ability to create survey grade orthomosaics, we will provide those clients with a secure upload link where they can then upload the data

Do I have to sign a contract with Ag-Intel?

No, Ag-Intel is a month-to-month, subscription-based services.

Do we need to buy a drone?

No, Ag-Intel is a complete, end-to-end precision agriculture service where we both capture, and process the data.

What is your pricing model?

Ag-Intel brings precision agriculture and digital farming down to the plant level and our pricing model works the same way. Ag-Intel pricing is based on a per-plant subscription-based model.

What is the ‘Health Tab’ based on?

Unlike with other plant analysis software applications, Ag-Intel associates the GCI (Green Chlorophyl Index) health results to each individual plant, not simply field-wide results.

How accurate is the Plant Population analysis?

During the onboarding & setup process, the client tells us how many cannabis (and or hemp) plants they will be planting. After each data capture flight, our plant count algorithms assign’s an icon (point) on top of each plant. The algorithm then assigns each plant with a unique plant ID number allowing the client to track each plant from seed to sale.

How is the ‘Probable Forecast’ work?

With cannabis, each and every plant in your field represents a specific value based on its market output (i.e.: flower, extracts, topicals, rosin and so on). Those values are also dynamic and can change throughout the harvest season.

Our Probable Forecasting allows an LP A) assign a value to a specific strain based on its desired market output. Then, as the season progresses, you can redirect specific plants/strains or sections of the field to a different market output should the health of the plants change, hence maximizing your probable forecast.

Can you identify male cannabis plants with your technology?

We are currently conducting a cannabis gender ID research study in conjunction with the Canadian government and are making good progress. We’re excited about the potential ability to accurately identify the sex of cannabis plants.

How does the support work?

Each and every client is assigned a dedicated account manager who is their central point of contact for all things ‘Ag-Intel’. Each week after the data has been uploaded to the clients secure web portal, the account manager will schedule a call to review the results.

Can Ag-Intel detect bud rot and powdery mildew?

We are currently developing specific algorithms to detect those diseases and are making good progress.


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