What is Ag-Intel?

Ag-Intel is the first, and only cannabis-specific precision agriculture company in the world that uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to help outdoor cannabis cultivators monitor their plants and detect health issues before they become a problem on a plant-by-plant basis.

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Setup And Onboarding.

Strain & Zone Mapping

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Plant Count

Plant Health Index

Plant Size

Disease Detection



Weekly Revenue Forecasting

Predicting Plant Readiness


Precision Ag.

For the average outdoor Licensed Producer, and cannabis community in general, the use of drones in agriculture and growth of precision agriculture-based services has come online at just the right time. Historically, the barrier to precision agriculture for the cannabis community was cost. Precision agriculture/farming in the early days was designed for traditional crops and not specifically designed for Cannabis or Hemp.

The challenge today is, with most precision agriculture applications available today, you need to be an agronomist, or a GIS data analyst to interpret the results. The overwhelming majority of the options available to an LP today, simply provide broad, field wide results, leaving the LP to interpret the results on their own.

Not only are they left to their own to find actionable intel, but they also have to capture the data themselves, or pay to have someone capture it for them. If they do it on their own, they have to purchase a drone, the right sensors, and then ensure 2-staff members are licensed by Transport Canada with the appropriate certifications.

Ag-Intel removes all the above barriers and provides a ‘cradle to grave’ precision agriculture solution:

– We capture the data so it’s geo-referenced and survey grade (down to 3 centimetres)
– Easy to understand, actionable results that are based on each plant, not simply field wide metrics that then require deeper unpacking to get to the core of any issue.
– Every LP will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be their central point of contact with Ag-Intel and all of its services. Every week, once the LP’s data has been uploaded to their secure web-portal (Dashboard), the AM will schedule a call where he/she will walk you through that week’s findings.

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