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For the average outdoor cannabis producer, the growth of precision agriculture-based services has come online at just the right time. However, for years, these services were too costly and designed for traditional crops but not designed specifically for Cannabis or Hemp.

Ag-Intel removes all the barriers and provides a ‘cradle to grave’ solution:

  • We capture the data so it’s geo-referenced and survey-grade (down to 3 centimetres)
  • Easy to understand, actionable results that are based on each plant, not only field-wide metrics that then require deeper unpacking to get to the core of any issue.
  • Every LP will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be their central point of contact with Ag-Intel and all of its services. Every week, once the LP’s data has been uploaded to their secure web portal (Dashboard), the AM will schedule a call where he/she will walk you through that week’s findings.

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