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Let’s talk about the future of Outdoor Hemp and Cannabis Cultivation: Ag-Intel.

What can Ag-Intel do?

Click here for our SlideShare Presentation, or read below for more details.

Briefly: our technology can

  • detect hemp or cannabis health issues (pests and diseases),
  • monitor plant growth within 3 cm accuracy (survey grade),
  • forecast revenue (by field, zone, row, or strain),
  • provide vital data on the crop as a whole, as well as for each plant individually (as each plant is automatically given a unique identifier so that the particular plants health can be monitored via the online dashboard).

Additionally, our service creates an easy channel for communication between in-field staff and the master grower (allowing photos and reports on specific plants to be submitted electronically with our Collector app).

Also, clients do not need their own drone or pilot.

We’re an all-in-one service, so drone flights and weekly live support calls with our analysts are included.

For All Sales Inquiries, contact Ray Rheault

Phone: 778-674-3940, click here to connect on LinkedIn, or fill in the form below.